Mermaid Home Decor

Charming and Enchanting Indoor Living
Mermaid Statues

Merman Statue 21"


Merman Statue 16"


Mermaid Statue


Mermaid Statue 15"


Wooden Hand Carved Mermaid Statue 4' Tall

Rustic Mermaid Resting On Rocks Statue

Mermaid Queen Of Atlantis  Statue

Mermaid  Statue

15" Set of 2 Metal Mermaids on Stands

Bronze Mermaid Sculpture

34" Life Size Figurehead Mermaid Bronze Finish

Wall Mermaid Shipwreck Finish 56" Home Decor


Mermaid with Two Dolphins on Marble Base

Mermaid with Dolphin on Marble Base 22"H


Mermaid with Three Dolphins on Marble Base

67.25"L Swimming Wall Mermaid Roman Stone Finish

Swimming Wall Mermaid  Bronze Finish 67.25"l

34"h Life Size Figurehead Mermaid Wood Look Finish Wall Decor

Golden Blonde Swimming Wall Mermaid Decor 67.25"l


67.25"Long Wood Finish Swimming Mermaid Wall Decor

Shipwreck Finish Swimming Wall Mermaid Decor 67.25"l

Mermaid Figure Roman Stone Finish 30.5"L $299.95

Copper Mermaid Trade Sign

Mermaid Figure Shipwreck Finish 30.5"L


Mermaid Sitting on Boat Roman Stone Finish 23"h Wall Decor


Mermaid Pilaster Wood Finish 24"h Wall Decor $139.95

Mermaid Pilaster Shipwreck Finish 24"h Wall Decor


Mermaid Sitting on Boat Wall Art


Mermaid Sitting on Boat Shipwreck Finish 23"H Wall Decor


23"h Mermaid Sitting on Old Boat All Wood Finish Wall Decor

Lorelei 34.5"H Roman Stone Finishs Mermaid Sculpture

Giant Sitting Mermaid 39"

Brunette Mermaid Beadworx Sculpture $54.53

Large Mermaid Rising From Sea Bed Figurine 

17" Mermaid and Merman Statue Made in Italy

Dreamy Lying Mermaid Bronze Finish

39.5"l Shipwreck Finish Mermaid Sculpture

Dreamy Lying Mermaid Roman Stone Finish 9.75"H


Dreamy Lying Mermaid Silver Leaf Finish 39.5"L $249.95

Mermaid with Turtle on Marble Base - 19.5"H

Metal Mermaid 44"w X 18"h

36" Bronze Finish Mermaid Figurehead 


Mermaid Figure Bronze Finish 29.5"H


Mermaid Figure Roman Stone Finish 29.5"H

Mermaid Statuette


Mermaid Butler Statue

Mermaid Sitting


Mermaid Patio Side Table


36"h  Mermaid Wood Finish Wall Decor

34.5"h Shipwreck Finish Mermaid Sculpture $839.95

25"h  Blonde Mermaid Wall Mount Figure

Mermaid with Pearl -  27"H

Wall Mermaid in Roman Stone 


Bronze Finish Wall Mermaid  Decor 

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