Mermaid Home Decor

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Mermaid Figurines (1)

Mermaid Figurine

Mermaid Blend Fantasy Art Figurine 

Miniature Fairy Garden Little Mermaid in Seashell

Mermaid With Blue Tail Holding Conch Figurine

Sea Creations Mermaid with Shell Figurine 14"


Celeste Blue Tailed Mermaid Figurine

Maya Blue Tailed Mermaid Holding Shell

Sea Creations Mermaid Bent Knee Figurine 14"

Miniature Sleeping Little Mermaid on Rock

Miniature Mermaid Playing with Shell 

Miniature Mermaid on Rock

Large Mermaid Sculpture

8.5"x10.5"... 9 LBS Bronze Mermaid Fantasy Statue 

15"x6" Bronze Mermaid Statue 

Set of 4 Miniature  Colorful Mermaid Figurines

Baby Mermaid Sleeping On Oyster Shell Figurine 


Blue Mermaid Sleeping On Coral Figurine 

King Neptune & Mermaid Bronze Statue

Wooden Mermaid on Stand Holding Star 


Daydreaming Mermaid Sitting Combing Hair Statue

Large Mermaid


Pearl Diva II 


Brunette Mermaid Beadworx Sculpture $54.53

Bronzed Finish Mermaid Baby In Clam Shell Statue

Mermaid in Pearl Shell$31.99


Cast Iron Blue Mermaid for Bathroom or Pool Decor

Metal Mermaid with Shells on a Stand

Shell Bowl with Mermaid



Cast Iron Mermaid Shelf Sitter, 9-Inch


Young Mermaid By Snail Figurine

Fantasy Mermaid


Mermaid Sitting on a Rock Figurine

Mermaid Decor - Nixie $49.99

Mermaid Decor, Sirena

Mermaid Decor - Nerissa

2 Resin Mermaids Shelf Sitters 

White & Blue Mermaid on Coral


Koi Fish and Mermaid  Figurine

Mermaid on a Shell Figurine


13-1/2" Mermaid With Flowing Fins

Bronze Color Mermaid on Seashell Tray

Bronzed Mermaid Incense Holder

Decorative Mermaid Sculpture  -  Figurine

Hand Blown Glass Mermaid Crystal and Black Marble Sculpture

Teal Wood Mermaid on Stand

Mermaid Leaning on Rock

Decorative Mermaid Sculpture  - Figurine

Mermaid Swimming With Koi Fishes Sculpture 

Mermaid and Clown Fish on Coral Figurine

Melody Cove Mermaid Collection

Mermaid Message Figurine
Message Options

Sweet Addictions Relax Coffee Therapy Mermaid  Figurine


Sweet Addictions Morning Bliss  Mermaid Figurine

Mermaid Shell Dish

Mermaid Sitting On Rock Figurine

Hand Blown Glass Mermaid Figurine


Mermaid with Dolphin & Conch Figurine

Daydreaming Mermaid Figurine

Mythical Realms Mermaid

Mermaid Sculpture

Mermaid Sitting on Rock Figurine


Mermaid Sculpture

Sitting Mermaid Combing Hair Figurine

Mermaid Combing Her Hair Figurine

Missing My Love Mermaid Figurine

6.5 Inch Bronze Colored Resin Mermaid with Shell Statue

Sitting Mermaid with Turquoise Tail


Cast Iron Verdigris Mermaid Statue 6.5"

13 1/2"h Polystone Mermaid Statue

Herend Mermaid, Black

Herend Mermaid, Chocolate

Herend Mermaid, Butterscotch

Mermaid Raspberry $350.00

Mermaid Green 

Mermaid Blue

Mermaid Rust 

Herend Mermaid On Shell Reserve Collection
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