Mermaid Home Decor

Charming and Enchanting Indoor Living
Mermaid Lamps & Lights.

Mermaid Blue and Green  Glass Accent Lamp

Crackle Glass Mermaid On Conch Table Lamp $64.99

Mermaid Lamp with
Amber Shade


Mermaid Flicker Flame  Light 

Pretty Mermaid on Blue Glass Table Lamp

Mermaid in a Clamshell Table Lamp

Mermaid Lamp

Paper Lamp Shade - Mermaid Design

Mermaid in the Ocean  Night Light

Green and Blue Crackled Glass Mermaid Accent Lamp

Bronzed Mermaid Lamp with Blue Crackle Glass

Beautiful Mermaid Table Lamp with Shell Shade $279.99

Mermaid Lamp Shade - Personalized

Mermaid on Rock Table Lamp

Mermaid On Shell - Blue Swirl Table Lamp


Resin Mermaid Lamp, 20"


Mermaid Sculptural Floor Lamp


On The Rocks Lounging Mermaid Accent Lamp

Green and Blue Glass Mermaid Accent Lamp $89.98

Mermaid On Cream Shell


Mermaid Night Light $22.99

Engraved Lead Crystal Mermaid/Unicorn on LED Base

Mermaid Accent Lamp $49.99 

Mermaid Light Switch Cover

Mermaid Night Light  $24.99


Mermaid Night Light Blue Art Deco 


White Standing Mermaid Tiffany Style Crackle Glass Lamp

Mermaid Ceiling Fan Pull

Green and Blue Sitting Mermaid Accent Lamp

Mermaid and the Moon Porcelain Lithophane Nightlight

22-1/2" Mermaid Table Lamp with Shade

Mermaid Table Lamp for Girls Bedroom

Mermaid Lamp

LED Mermaid Sculpture

Tiffany  Mermaid Wall Lamp


Table Lamp with Mermaid Shade


The Entwined Mermaids Sculptural Floor Lamp $969.99


Aloka Mermaid SleepyLight

Mermaid Manta Dance  Switchplate Cover

Dark Pink Standing  Mermaid Tiffany Style Crackle Glass Lamp


Light Pink Standing Mermaid Tiffany Style Crackle Glass Lamp


Mermaid LED Acrylic Wall Lamp


Toy Mermaid On Beach Double Toggle Switch $19.74

Mermaid Caring for Her Pet Fish. Single Toggle Switch

Mermaid Toggle Switch Plate

2-1/4' Mermaid Fan Pull $7.00

Mermaid Ceiling Fan Light Pull

Mermaid & Oyster Reef  Night Light


Mermaid Lamp

Mermaid and Giant Glass Pearl Table Lamp 

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